President – Marat (Mark) Akhmedjanov
Founder: Eurasian Creative Guild; Publisher: Hertfordshire Press; Publisher:  Silk Road Media; Studied Publishing: London College of Communication; Studied Economics:  TASI; and, Went to Jizak, Jizzakh, Uzbekistan.

Director  – Maira Karsakbayeva
A producer, member of the North American film associations – “ACFC” and “Women in Film and Video”. She graduated from Kazakh State University. Morever, as the official representative of “DC Fashion week (in Washington DC) Maira worked among international designers. She also organised the participation of Hollywood stars in the Kazakhstan film festival, including Steven Seagal, Mike Tyson, Kevin Costner, Hilary Svonk, Jeremy Irons, Richard Dreyfuss, and Lane Davies.

Deputy Director – Dale Lessoway
DC is a writer/director based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He has written, directed and edited 7 short films, 1 feature and is currently working on a 2nd feature film.

Commercial Director – Zhanna Utarbayeva
Has completed training in more than 50 international sessions of business management, financial management, legal documentation maintenance, management of logistic terminals, high effective selling, crisis management, psychology of personal advancement, mentality of billionaires, and HR management. Presenter of authorial TV show Utarbayeva and Politics with famous people at channel; Producer of international film projects (France, Russia, USA);  In cooperation with Kazakhstan Cinema, has sold a package of Central Asia films within The Cannes Film Festivals in May 2017;   General producer of 2 short fictional films, which have taken part in international film festivals (Fellow traveler and Sherizhe); and, Executive producer of Hollywood film ‘Our Little Secret‘ (2017).

James Deane
Lesley Crisp
Chris Taylor
Sharon Collins

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